Paella for the World Foundation, headquartered in Elizabeth, NJ,  is a Non Profit organization whose mission is to disseminate  culinary traditions from 23 countries located in the Mediterranean region, which includes Spain, Italy,  France and Greece with the sole purpose of  bringing awareness of the benefits of healthy eating through the Mediterranean Diet, incorporating wholesome basic ingredients.  Our purpose and goal are achieved through  activities and events in United States which includes festivals, workshops conducted by skilled chefs,presentations in supermarkets or farmers markets, fundraisers,wine tasting and other mediums which in turn helps our organization reach all backgrounds, cultures, children and adults alike. We are  a local organization with an universal goal: To educate and promote healthy eating one community at a time, with simple, healthy and easily accessible ingredients.

Research has shown that the traditional Mediterranean Diet reduces the risk of heart disease and many forms of cancer. An analysis of more than 1.5 million healthy adults demonstrated that following a Mediterranean Diet was associated with a reduced risk of death from heart disease and cancer, as well as reduced incidence of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends the Mediterranean Diet as an eating plan that can help promote health and prevent disease.  The Mediterranean Diet is the foundation of healthy eating, starting a dish with a splash of a flavorful and authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  combined with other components that characterize the traditional cooking style of the countries bordering the Mediterranean sea.

As part of our fundraising effort we have partnered with Olivar Santamaria, an award winning olive oil and the official Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Paella for the world Foundation, representing all the authentic qualities an extra virgin olive oil should have. Natural, flavorful and well rounded adaptable to all cooking styles of the Mediterranean Diet. A percentage of the proceeds will be allocated by Paella For the World Foundation to provide scholarships to local students to achieve higher education in the culinary arts field, support veterans and  other school community gear

Paella for the World Foundation is the founder and organizer of the New Jersey Paella Festival. This event has had  two successful editions in the Garden State. The first New Jersey Paella Festival took place on October 25th 2014  in Jersey City. It was inaugurated by Vincent Prieto(Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly). Mr.Prieto also issued a proclamation declaring the above mentioned date as “New Jersey Paella Day”. This is the first time   that a state devotes a day to honor the paella and the Mediterranean diet.




Rodolfo  Gonzalez  Almaguer

Rodolfo Gonzalez Almaguer
Executive Director,  Paella for the World Foundation. Rodolfo  is a veteran journalist  who  has worked as a newswriter  for TV channels such as Univision (channel 41), Telemundo and  NY 1 Noticias. During the fall of 2015 Mr.Gonzalez Almaguer was named Ambassador of the Valencian Paella in  the United States. This acknowledgement was given by the City of Sueca, a town in Valencia, Spain, where for more than half  a century the International Valencian Paella Contest is held annually.


Mayda  Alfonso

Mayda Alfonso #5
Manager of the Executive Office,  Paella for the World Foundation. Mayda  is the principal contact for the Executive Director and provides support to the organization in all  areas with an emphasis on communications, outreach, writing and editing. 





Members of  Advisory  Council play an important role in the strategy and operations of Paella for the World Foundation. We greatly appreciate their dedication and service.  

Marilou Halvorsen

ml kitchen #2
President at New Jersey Restaurant Association(NJRA). With 20+ years in the tourism and entertainment industry, Marilou Halvorsen is currently a board member (and former president) of the New Jersey Travel Industry Association and Jersey Shore Convention and Visitor's Bureau.  She has also been the former Chair of the Governor's Tourism Conference and Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission.

Natalia Cabrera


Founder of Khayyan LLC, Natalia is a specialty food curator and importer of authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oils under the award winning brand, Olivar Santamaria, and a wide range of specialty Mediterranean food products supplying chefs and gourmet stores in the United States. She brings to Paella for the World Foundation her passion for food and a commitment to promote healthy and natural eating through natural ingredients.

Chef Raul Cob Ferrer

Raul Cob #2

Raul Cob Ferrer is one of the 20 most influential chefs in Spain.  Presently he serves as Executive Chef of Savco Hospitality, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Mr. Cob Ferrer has received for two consecutive years (2015 and 2016) a Chef Award for his outstanding role in the international dissemination of Valencian gastronomy and Paella in particular. In order to stimulate such performance, the Wikipaella organization also awarded him the Chef Prize distinction and appointed him Paella Ambassador in Qatar and Thailand. He will also receive the Paella for the World Award next year during a special ceremony in New Jersey.

Chef  Mariano Fernández


Chef Mariano Fernández has been appointed official representative of Paella for the World Foundation in Canada. Chef Fernández is one of the best Spanish chefs of his generation. He was Chef and Owner of L'Ambigu in Valencia, Spain, which was named by Esquire Magazine in 2005 as one of the Best New Restaurants Outside the U.S.

Chef Diego De La Rosa

Chef Diego De la Rosa

Diego De La Rosa  is a well known chef  in New Jersey. Born in  Spain, he is presently owner of  Paella Party LLC, offering one of the best catering services  in the tri-state area. He began his career working in the most prestigious  restaurants in Barcelona, Spain. During the last twenty five years Chef De La Rosa has been dedicated to promoting the Mediterranean diet in many other cities in the United States.


 Maria De La Rosa

María De la Rosa

María De La Rosa is Co-owner of  Paella Party LLC, a family catering business founded since 1998. Maria is also an Event Planner and Coordinator. She has been in the restaurant business for 25 years alongside her husband Chef Diego De La Rosa.

 Chef Serafin Sarduy 

Chef Sarduy(1)

Serafin Sarduy is one of the best latin chefs in the United States. Although his culinary specialties is preparing a wide range of international dishes, Chef Sarduy is well known for his contributions to Cuban fusion cuisine. He is presently Executive Chef/Administrator at the Esquina Latina Restaurant in New Brunswick, N.J


Adhemar Montagne

 Adhemar N Y1

Respected news anchor and  TV reporter.  Adhemar Montagne has been anchoring the morning news for NY1 Noticias, the Spanish-language spin-off of Time Warner Cable’s NY1 News, and the city’s first 24/7 Spanish-language news channel, since it launched on June 30, 2003. He has also worked for TV channels such as Univision and Telemundo.

 Chef Javier Carpio Arevalo

Chef Carpio Arevalo
Javier Carpio Arevalo  is a talented chef who has worked  in important restaurants in Spain, Israel, Mexico, Ecuador, and other countries. Due to his outstanding achievements in 2014 Chef Carpio Arevalo was honored by the Mayor of Jersey City (United States) and also received the Paella for the World Award. Currently he serves as Executive Chef of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and is the international representative for Paella for the World Foundation.


Chef Daniel Domingo

Chef Daniel Domingo(3)
Chef Daniel Domingo has been appointed official  representative of Paella for the World Foundation in the State of Virginia. Born in Sueca, Valencia, land of Paella, Daniel Domingo had the good fortune to train under the orders of Chef  Jesus Melero, current coordinator of the International Valencian Paella Contest of Sueca.  Chef Domingo was employed at Emilio's Restaurant in Richmond, Virginia, and is presently  an employee of the International Gourmet Foods in Springfield, Virginia. He is fluent in French, Italian, Spanish and English.

Chef Gabriel Silva


Chef Gabriel Silva# 4
Chef Gabriel Silva has been appointed official  representative of Paella for the World Foundation in the State of Florida. Grand Diplome de Cuisine et Pattiserie at school Le Cordon Bleu of Paris (promotion 1988), Chef Silva is internationally known and due to his prestige and talent  has been invited to join European Michelin restaurants  (La Table Des Freres Ibarbure ) and other important gastronomic establishments in Spain, Hong Kong, United States and Ivory Coast. Chef Gabriel also participated as one of the judges during the second edition of the New Jersey Paella Festival 2015 and has been chosen as president of the jury in the Coral Gables Paella Festival which will be held next October 2017.

Marcelo Contreras 

 foto carne nueva
Marcelo Contreras is an Uruguayan entrepreneur. Also owns a well-known  pasta factory in his country and founder of PastasSecretas.com, a website dedicated to providing information, advice and training about making homemade pasta.

Andrés Lehuedé

  Linkedin profile pic ed (130x157)

Former Trade Manager at Trade Commission of Chile in New York. Andres is also a talented musician, loves good food and is capable of cooking the best Chilean-style paella.